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 Clad Metals

Shwet Metals has achieved many rewarding milestones since the foundation was laid. The company has been astutely driven by the values of meticulous attention and precision to the smallest details.

Aluminum Clad Copper Tube, Copper Clad Aluminum Tube
Aluminium Clad Copper tube(called ACC tube) can be used in the fields of Air-conditoner,Refrigeration,Heat Exchaner,Solar warter Heater and Water Pipe etc.The our layer of ACC tube is antirust Aluminium Alloy,the inner layer is copper,and the middle layer is the Metallurgy integrated Layer of copper and Aluminium.
Shwet Metals is specialist for manufacturing and supplying copper clad aluminium wire (CCA), copper clad aluminium rectangular wire(CCA rectangular wire),copper clad aluminium magnesium alloy wire(CCAM),tin-plating copper clad aluminium wire (TCCA),copper clad steel wire (CCS)(high tensile strength),tin-plating copper clad steel wire (CP),Aluminium Magnesium alloy wire(AL),Enameled Copper coated aluminium wire, Enameled aluminium wire , Zinc Wire,Black Annealed Wire,Red&Blue Speaker Cable,Transparent Speaker Cable,Transparent Power Cable,telephone wire.

We are the production enterprise,the price is moderate enough and is almost cost price.
Shwet Metals is specialized in producing copper clad aluminum busbar,(CCA) flat wire, tin or zinc plated copper clad aluminum busbar. The CCA busbar can replace the copper busbar. Cost saving is 60%.

CCA busbar can be applied in HV/ MV/LV distributor, switchboards, motor control centers, panel boards, busbar chambers, busbar trunking systems, rectifiers motor windings, fuse gear, crane rail supply systems, vacuum switchgear, generator set, transformer substations, railway traction equipment, bimetal conductors in aluminum foil wound transformers, railway applications, etc.
Copper Bonded Ground Rods
The special way of connecting adopted can deep-drive the rods up to 40 meters underground to meet low-resistance requirements in special occasions.

In comparison with the traditional way of using pure copper ground electrode, the cost of Copper bond ground Rods is much cheaper.Resist corrosion better than galvanized rods. It has at least 50-year service life


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